Le Bonaparte et le déjeuner

Our first day in Paris, we shared our first parisian meal at Le Bonaparte—located right outside the cathedral, St. Germain des Prés. This restaurant exemplifies the many café/ restaurants around Paris (many of which we would frequent over the next two weeks). The menu contains a section of sandwiches served up on baguettes, a section of omelettes, a section of salads, and a section of hot dishes. Typically, each day there is also a special or two to choose from as well. Not to be left out are the croque-monsieur and croque-madame. These are classic sandwiches that involve ham between two big slices of bread, covered with cheese and toasted in an oven. The combination of the right bread, cheese, and ham creates the perfect lunch, and it is typically served up along with a little side salad. A croque-madame is the same sandwich but with an egg on top, which for some reason can make the croque approximately 200% more delicious. Naturally, there are also desserts to choose from such as creme brulée, chocolate tarts, tarte tatin, and ice cream. After lunch, most people sit and drink a café—not to be confused with an American cup of coffee. This is a beautiful and delicious shot of espresso that arrives in a cute cup with sugar, and usually a little square of chocolate. One could also order a café crème, cappuccino, café noissette, or even a café viennois (coffee plus milk and loads of whip cream), if one so desires!

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