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Research Staffs and Students

Research Staffs and Post-Doctoral Researchers Research Associates Students

R.R. Dasari
N.C. Dingari
L.H. Galindo
T.R. Hillman
J.W. Kang
N. Lue
Z. Yaqoob

M. Fitzmaurice
M. Ramasamy
S. Wilk

I. Barman
C.-R. Kong
Y. Sung

Name Contact Research Interests

Ishan Barman 617.253.5766
Raman Blood Analyte
Student in Mechanical Engineering

Ramachandra R. Dasari
Laser Spectroscopy of Biological Tissue, Low Coherence interferometry

Narahara Chari Dingari
Clinical Applications of Laser Spectroscopy

Maryann Fitzmaurice


Optical Diagnostics and Imaging; Raman Spectroscopy

Luis H. Galindo 617.258.7095
Raman and Fluorescence Probe Design;
Fast EEM instrumentation

Timothy R. Hillman 617.253.1445
Low Coherence Interferometry

Jeon Woong Kang 617.258.9404
Spectroscopy for Biomedical Applications

Chae-Ryon Kong 617.253.5766
Raman Blood Analyte
Student in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science

Niyom Lue 617.324.1419

Manoharan Ramasamy 215.652.5465
Process Analytical Technologies (PAT) and Quality by Design (QbD) in Pharma/ Biotech;
Optical spectroscopy in biology, biomedicine and process control

Yongjin Sung 617.324.1419
Low coherence Interferometry
Student in Mechanical Engineering

Zina Queen 617.452.3422
Administrative Assistant

Zahid Yaqoob 617.253.9774
Low Coherence Interferommetry;
3D Refractive Index Tomography

Stephen Wilk 508.765.2116