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Research in Physical Science

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Research in Physical Science

Atomic and molecular spectroscopy has a venerable history at MIT, in large part nurtured by the Spectroscopy Laboratory. Researchers using the Laboratory's facilities develope novel laser-based spectroscopic techniques to explore the fundemental properties and interactions of atomic, molecular and material systems through research conducted in the MIT Laser Research Facility (LRF). Research programs conducted in the LRF seek to observe and quantify physical, chemical and biological systems with high resolution and sensitivity using a diverse collection of laser systems and spectroscopic techniques.

A core group of 10 MIT faculty members in chemistry, physics and engineering principal investigators, with their collaborators and associates, utilize the Laboratory’s facilities for a diverse collection of core and collaborative research projects.

Core Projects:

Collaborative Projects:

  • Photophysical Properties of Conjugated Polymers
  • Single Molecule Detection
  • Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy