Epsilon Theta

Want to solve some puzzles, play some games, or eat some soup with us? Check out our Rush schedule for Spring 2018.

Photograph of Epsilon Theta

On a typical Saturday afternoon at ET, you can find us: playing board games, swinging in the playground across the street, shooting each other with Nerf guns, playing video games, watching bad sci-fi, enjoying a meal prepared by our cook, and engaging in lively discussions about everything from politics to cheese.

ET is a co-ed MIT living group made up of about twenty humans (known as "Thetans"). We're known for our friendliness, quirky sense of humor, and fondness for baby ducks. We live in a big yellow house in Brookline, surrounded by tree-filled parks and a quiet residential community. The best way to learn about us is to come visit, but this site should give you a pretty good idea of what we're about.

259 Saint Paul Street
Brookline, MA 02446
(617) 253-8888
Directions to ET

Interested in living at ET over the summer? Send us mail at et-DELETEME@summer-housing@DELETEME@mit.edu

Questions? Comments? Send us mail at et-DELETEME@www@DELETEME@mit.edu