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Is ET a fraternity?

No, we’re not a fraternity! We’re one of MIT’s Independent Living Groups, and our only resemblance to a fraternity is that we’re a group of students living together. Unlike fraternities, we accept MIT students of all genders and ages. We never haze members. We are alcohol-free and drug-free. Our parties are also largely focused on puzzles and board games.

Rather, ET is a group of about 20 students who live together like a family. We eat dinners together, study together, play games together, and take care of each other. We’re known for liking beanbags, board games, puzzles, and rubber ducks.

How much does it cost to live at ET?

Semesterly rent is around $4500, subject to variance from inflation. All food, utilities, laundry, etc. is included in this cost. Compare to MIT housing rates here. First year students are not charged rent because they already have to pay rent to MIT.

How far is ET from campus?

ET is about 2 miles from campus. This might sound far, but we have a van which goes to and from campus several times per day, and MIT operates the saferide shuttle after 6:00pm which stops right at our doorstep. If all else fails, it's a pleasant 15 minute bike ride or 40 minute walk along the Charles River.

What sizes of rooms are offered?

We have every size of room from single to quad, and we make sure to optimize room assignments for everybody's preferences. All rooms cost the same.

Does ET have a mealplan?

We have communal dinners 5 nights per week and we stock plenty of extra food and leftovers for all other meals. All food is included with rent, so most people find that they never need to purchase their own food.

What house duties are there?

Everybody who joins is expected to contribute a certain amount of work to keeping the house clean and functioning, but you get to choose which house duties you want to do and avoid the ones you hate. Examples of chores include cooking dinner, making instacart orders, cleaning common spaces, and washing dishes.

Can I join with a cat?

Unfortunately, for allergy reasons, we are unable to accept any cats.