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How to Join ET

tl;dr come to our rush events or fill out this form!

The Classical Way

Visit us for rush!

ET holds rush twice a year: Fall rush is a week of fun at the beginning of September, and spring rush is a more laid-back smattering of events over IAP and early February. For either, we’re bound to have events that catch your interest, so hop on our van and come over!

The idea is to get to know us while having some fun and making friends with other potential members. Throughout the week, as we get to know you and whether you might be interested in living at ET, we’ll give out “bids,” or invitations to join the house.

What does a bid mean? First of all, it means we think you’re awesome, and we want you around more! Second, it means we hope you’ll consider pledging. The week after rush is “bid decision period,” when you’re encouraged to hang out at ET as much as you want and get to know us better. At any time during that week, you can declare that you’re pledging, which means you become a member of the house for a semester. You can be a part of the house as much or as little as you’d like during that semester, and at the end of it you choose whether to continue being a member. Even if you choose not to pledge (or not to continue after your pledge semester), you’ll be welcome to visit us for dinner or events any time!

The Postmodernist Way

If you want to finalize your housing plans before the next ET rush, or just can't make it to rush events, shoot us an e-mail at letting us know you’re interested, or fill out this form. We’ll set up a time for you to visit the house (in-person or over Zoom), get to know us a bit, and ask any questions you have. In the following couple days, we’ll have a brief discussion as a house to make sure everyone’s on board, and get back to you with a bid.

The Bad Way

The only bad way is not reaching out to us, and missing out on an awesome place that could have become your home. :(

Summer Housing

If you’re looking for a more temporary home, we’re happy to accommodate! Email, and we’ll give you further details.

We can accommodate weird schedules (e.g. here for 3 weeks in June and 2 weeks in August) and will only charge you for the time you’re here. Summer housing encompasses the time between the Memorial Day and two weeks before the start of the semester (in Summer 2023, May 29 through August 19). Unlike during the semester, we’re happy to house any students, even if they don't go to MIT.

As of 2023, Summer housing costs $245/week (with a discount to $230/week for the full summer), which includes laundry, internet, use of the kitchen, and other basics. We keep one common room air conditioned, and charge $25/week for using air conditioners in personal rooms. (If you are reading this in the future, prices may have increased due to inflation.)