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Rush 2023

All events meet in Lobby 7 at the time specified, unless otherwise indicated.

A google calendar containing these events is available here.

Saturday, 9/09

2:45PM—Jigsaw Puzzles—Lobby 7

Experience the exquisite ecstasy of extrapolating exciting ex-images from their exploded ex-components! We'll be doing jigsaws in Lobby 7, come hang out!

5:15PM—Dinner: Make Your Own Pizza—Meet in Lobby 7

Starting from dough, cheese, and sauce, pile on your favorite ingredients! Vegan options available.

5:15PM (After Dinner)—Hair Dyeing and Laser Maze

Dodge through our homemade laser security system and rescue the stuffed animals! While you're waiting for your turn, why let your hair be brown or black or blonde when instead it could be red or purple or blue?.

8:30PM—Regular Madeline Mountain Climbing—Meet in Lobby 7

You've (maybe) heard of Regular Human Basketball, where an unreasonable number of people control a giant robot as it attempts to score points... now try Regular Madeline Mountain Climbing, where an unreasonable number of people control Madeline as she attempts to scale a mountain in the popular indie game Celeste!

Sunday, 9/10

2:00PM—Board Games on Campus—8-119

We love board games! We'll be taking our favorites from our board game collection on to campus and playing them!

5:15PM—Dinner: Breakfast for Dinner—Meet in Lobby 7

Is your sleep schedule so bad that you just woke up now? Or do you simply enjoy foods like eggs, bacon, waffles, and berry parfaits at all hours of the day? Either way, join us at Breakfast for Dinner!

5:15PM (After Dinner)—Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

YOU ARE ALONE IN A ROOM WITH A BOMB (in Virtual Reality). Your friends have the info you need to defuse it, but there's a catch: they can't see the bomb. Everyone will need to talk it out—fast! Put your puzzle-solving and communication skills to the test as you and your friends race to defuse bombs quickly before time runs out! Keep talking and nobody explodes!

8:30PM—Cookie Dough and Board Games—Meet in Lobby 7

Take a ball of cookie dough, and roll up everything smaller in a cookie arena! At the end we'll bake and eat ridiculously large cookies. We'll also play some of our favorite board games while we're waiting for the cookies to bake.