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The actives from fall 2022 on retreat
Actives at Fall 2022 retreat
A borad game featuring two teams controlling minions on 3 boards with hexagonal grids
Minions of Darkness, an ET-created Board Game
A penguin figure perched precariously on a line of hexagonal ice blocks as part of the game Penguin Jrap
Penguin Jrap, an ET favorite
A chess board full of rubber ducks
Many actives enjoy weird chess variants
A food event involving various foods being dipped in choclate fondue
An example of our weekly "Not Coffee" food events
A Jenga tower balanced on a stack of plushies
ET has lots of experience playing Jenga incorrectly
A stuffed animal facing off against 4 rows of chess pieces
Another weird chess variant
A group of people rolling balls of cookie dough on a table full of cookie dough fragments in the style of Katamari Damacy or
Katamari Damacookie, or with cookie dough
A group of actives playing a minigame involving tossing and catching rubber ducks as part of Live Action Mario Party
Live Action Mario Party