Epsilon Theta

Active Members


Thetans not on the front porch.

Pledge Class '10 Fall

Adam Yedidia '14

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Course 6)

Adam always wins at Jewish Poker.

Pledge Class '11 Fall

Troy Welton '15

Physics and Mathematics (Courses 8 and 18)

Troy is a CENSORED on 9/11/11 for illegal dissemination of classified government information.

Liz Hernandez '15

Comparative Media Studies (CMS)

Liz believes peak happiness may be achieved through a perfect combination of cookies, Dr. Pepper, music, and video games. If lacking in one of the aforementioned categories, replace with two of the following: high fantasy, mangoes, or human interaction.

Alwina Liu '15

Physics (Course 8)

Alwina pretends to make things work.

Gary Wang '15

Mathematics with Computer Science (Course 18C)

Gary is not a troll.

Pledge Class '12 Fall

Adam Hesterberg G

Mathematics (Course 18)

Pesto kumquat pastatuna ham sandwich plantain tiger meat koolaid plantain sprinkles sandwich. Cake oyster ham plantain avocado sauce plantain tongue sauce and teaching people food tongue.

Eric Yang '15

Physics (Course 8)

Eric is not a huge fan of Wong Kar-wai.

Alex Arkhipov G

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Course 6)

Have you seen his bear Tibbers?

Ben Lin '16

Physics (Course 8)

The newbie.

Erin Main '16

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Course 6)

When feeling threatened, a wild Erin Main will produce cookies and cupcakes until her pursuer slips into a diabetic coma.

Pledge Class '13 Fall

Justin Kopinsky G

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Course 6)

Justin remembers Quel'Thalas.

Sarah Gontarek '??

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Course 6); a past life in poli sci

Sarah has fought mudcrabs more fearsome than you!

Lucy Gutierrez '17

Computational Biology (Course 6-7)

Lucy will teach you what hugs should feel like.

Aaron Potechin G

Mathematics (Course 18)

Pronounced air-rin, not err-rin. That would be Erin.

Pledge Class '14 Fall

Daniel Palumbo '18

Physics (Course 8)

Recipe for Daniel: Add 1 cup each of physics, rainbows, lemon bars, cats, sorcery, space, hugs, and vanilla almond milk. Bake until golden blonde. Garnish with rainbow sarong. Serve warm - never mind, serve air conditioned.

Lotta Blumberg '18

When we passed a law to allot an ocelot a lot of laudable odd ol' Lottas, the ocelot got a lot of Lotta hugs and we got marshmallows thrown at us as a simultaneously harsh and mellow punishment for our punnishness.

Pravina Samaratunga '18

Pravina, for one, welcomes our robot overlords.

Sasha Crandall Fleischman '18

Aspiring novelist who loves everything about writing novels except, of course, for writing novels.

Jimmy Zeng '18

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and Mathematics and/or Philosophy (Courses 6 and 18 and/or 24)

Always pondering on the mysteries of the universe.

Sam Gordon '18

Need to locate Sam? Get an inflated balloon, and he will be drawn to it by the unstoppable urge to hold it and run in a circle.

Quanquan Liu '15

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Course 6)

Constantly in a state of fuzzy equilibrium.

Lisa Zahray '17

Mechanical Engineering (Course 2)

Fall 2014 Officers

Sarah Gontarek
Lt. Commander
Adam Hesterberg
Social Chair
Lisa Zahray & Justin Kopinsky
Troy Welton
Athletics Chair
Eric Yang & Erin Main
Erin Main
Not Coffee (Not Monocookie) Chair
Daniel Palumbo
Rush Chair
Lotta Blumberg & Pravina Samaratunga
Media Librarian
Troy Welton & Justin Kopinsky
Pledge Orientation Officer
Adam Yedidia
Liz Hernandez & Erin Main
Bus Chair
Troy Welton
Alumni Contact Officer
Adam Hesterberg
House Manager
Alwina Liu & Liz Hernandez
Alwina Liu
House Duties Czar
Alwina Liu