Epsilon Theta

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Thetans at 2016 fall retreat.

Pledge Class '12 Fall

Adam Hesterberg G

Mathematics (Course 18)

Pesto kumquat pastatuna ham sandwich plantain tiger meat koolaid plantain sprinkles sandwich. Cake oyster ham plantain avocado sauce plantain tongue sauce and teaching people food tongue.

Pledge Class '13 Fall

Justin Kopinsky G

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Course 6)

Justin is probably resting at a bonfire.

Lucy Gutierrez '17ish

Computational Biology (Course 6-7)

Lucy will teach you what hugs should feel like.

Pledge Class '14 Fall

Daniel Palumbo '18

Physics (Course 8)

You find yourself facing a Daniel. Roll initiative.

Lotta Blumberg '18

Electrical Engineering and Physics (Course 6-1 and 8)

When we passed a law to allot an ocelot a lot of laudable odd ol' Lottas, the ocelot got a lot of Lotta hugs and we got marshmallows thrown at us as a simultaneously harsh and mellow punishment for our punnishness.

Pravina Samaratunga '18

Pravina, for one, welcomes our robot overlords.

Emily Crandall Fleischman '18

Civil & Environmental Engineering (Course 1)

Uses LaTeX for fun.

Pledge Class '15 Fall

Dylan Hendrickson '19

Mathematics (Course 18)

Neither this web page nor any of its links is a puzzle.

Jackie Bredenberg '19

Computer Science and Mathematics (Course 6-3 and 18)

Will work for apples.

Jordan Hines '19

Mathematics and Physics (Course 18 and 8)

Is probably secretly a penguin.

Josh Brunner '19

Mathematics (Course 18)

Josh is always willing to play bughouse.

Luke Sciarappa '19

Mathematics (Course 18)

Always up for discussing rules of no consequence.

Elizabeth Chang-Davidson '19

Mechanical Engineering (Course 2a)

If you need something hacksawed, drilled, hammered, built, or destroyed, you've come to the right place.

Pledge Class '16 Fall

Katie Sedlar '17

Computer Science (Course 6-3)

A mafia boss who writes training exercises for assassins.

Linus Hamilton G

Mathematics (Course 18)

Digit "Didge" LeBoid is one of the main characters in Cyberchase. His favorite color is blue.

Margarita Misirpashayeva '20

Linguistics (Course 24-2)

Descriptions are hard.

Pledge Class '17 Fall

Peter Brin G

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (Course 6)

A tenuous body of cosmic dust occurring in interstellar space.

Jason Ye '21

Currently not hosed enough.

Adam Atanas G

Computational and Systems Biology (Course 7)

May or may not secretly be a Python script.

Mollie Wilkinson '21

Beanbags make everything better.

Julian Wellman '21


Agustin Garcia '21


Fall 2017 Officers

Daniel Palumbo
Lt. Commander
Luke Sciarappa
Social Chair
Adam Atanas & Jordan Hines
Adam Hesterberg
Athletics Chair
Lucy Gutierrez
Jackie Bredenberg
Not Coffee Chair
Agustin Garcia & Jordan Hines
Rush Chair
Jordan Hines & Katie Sedlar
Media Librarian
Julian Wellman
Pledge Orientation Officer
Linus Hamilton
Mollie Wilkinson
Bus Chair
Elizabeth Chang-Davidson
Alumni Contact Officer
Adam Hesterberg
House Manager
Elizabeth Chang-Davidson & Luke Sciarappa
Jackie Bredenberg
House Duties Czar
Lotta Blumberg
People who would disguise themselves as the Commander in order to serve as decoys