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Other Learning Opportunities

Depending on your professional field and your interests, there are many learning opportunities available to you as a member of the MIT community. Some places to start looking include the following:

  • Your Department. A number of departments at MIT offer specialized learning opportunities specifically oriented to members of that department (e.g., job-related training). Contact your supervisor or your department's human resource contact to determine what your department has to offer.

  • Campus Events. Every day at MIT, there are lectures, discussions, presentations, and artistic events offered on campus by a variety of groups. Many of these events are free of charge. The MIT Events Calendar lists upcoming events. An especially rich time for interesting campus events is the Independent Activities Period (IAP) in January.

  • Conferences, Workshops, Professional Associations. Many groups at and beyond MIT host conferences and workshops open to the public that provide rich opportunities for personal and professional development. Many of these are presented right in the Boston area. In addition, many professional associations offer annual conferences and special workshops to members only; there may be a professional association in your field that you can explore. Search the web -- or talk with your colleagues at MIT or other institutions to find out more about workshops, conferences, and other professional opportunities they find useful.

  • Higher Education (including Advanced Degrees). Interested in pursuing an undergraduate or advanced degree, or just taking a course or two? The Boston area is filled with institutions of higher learning (including MIT itself) for you to explore. If a course you'd like to take is related to your career at MIT (either your current job or a potential new career at the Institute) and satisfies certain other criteria (e.g., has enough sessions, is at an accredited institution, etc.), you may be eligible for financial assistance through MIT's Tuition Assistance Plan.

  • Personal Growth Opportunities. Beyond academic or professional education, everyone has areas of their personal lives (physical, mental, spiritual, social) where they can continue to develop and improve. Various offices at MIT support such opportunities (e.g., Athletics, Mental Health, etc.) and the Boston area has many additional offerings in these areas to consider.