Doing Urban Upgrading
Phase 3 Carrying It Out

Implement Program

What do you need to do?

• Prepare implementation plan.

• Carry out project/program.

• Monitor progress to support development.

• Consider impacts on surrounding areas and changes within community.

Photo: 13 de Junho, Brazil

13 de Junho, Brazil

A clear plan for implementation must be prepared and discussed with the community. Particular care must be given if removal and realignment of houses is needed.

During the implementation phase, many changes can rapidly occur. Of particular importance are the effects on the families as well as the community: Do land values rise and force families out (displacement)? Is there trickle-down of higher income families (this is related to the overall housing situation)? Is the upgrading attracting informal, uncontrolled development in adjacent areas (spillover) which in turn will need to be upgraded?

Who does it

Often a special implementation agency designs the project and supervises and monitors implementation. NGOs often play a strong role during the implementation process. In some case s new agency is formed, and in others an existing agency assumes the responsibility. They become the de facto implementation arm of agencies, but in principle provide a bridge between the community and government.

In some cases the community acts as the implementor and even the contractor of the components.

Time to do

This phase is carried out over many years, often in stages.

Phase III: Carrying It Out

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Does it support local initiatives in construction?
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How to assure continuity of staff and community representatives?
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What is your role during construction: direct supervision, delegated supervision, periodic review?
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What is the role of NGOs during implementation?

Sketch CoreHouse Zambia


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Monitoring Construction
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Providing Technical Assistance to Homeowners
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Interactive Realignment of Properties (See: Regularization of Land)
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Contracting Procedures for Small Companies
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Community Contracting
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Street Addressing: The Addressage System
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Providing Information to Communities
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Working with Development Agencies
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Checklist for Hiring consultants
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Income Generation
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