Brief Bio:
Having been born in Russia, I moved to Canada when I was 8 years old. I attended the University of Toronto Schools from grade 7 through 12. In 2012, I completed a B.Sc., joint in Computer Science and Statistics at the University of Toronto in Canada; and am currently pursuing my graduate degree at the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, in the field of computer vision (at CSAIL).

I have a deep interest in learning and education. I am a believer in the online educational movement (e.g. in the form of EdX). I have been selected to be on Google's Anita Borg Alumni Global Planning Committee for improving education and female representation in computer science. I am a member of the MIT Graduate Student Committee on Digital Learning (GSDL). I was part of the 6.mitx initiative (summer 2013), supervising a team of undergraduates to build a video annotation tool.
Science Communication
I am also passionate about science communication, and especially breaking streotypes about scientists and engineers. In January 2015, I organized the MIT CS-visit day for high-school students to experience the excitement and energy that is computer science. SciEx is my ongoing video contest initiative (currently in its second year as part of the Cambridge Science Festival) to make science and engineering as exciting to a general audience as videos of extreme sports. In 2010, I started the Undergraduate Artificial Intelligence Group and Artificial Intelligence Day at the University of Toronto to introduce undergraduate students to subfields of Artificial Intelligence. This has since taken off.

I like to get my creative juices flowing! My free time is mostly spent drawing, cooking, and dancing (activities involving the right side of my brain, to give the left one a break). I also really enjoy writing! For samples, check out a short science fiction story, my blog, and my responses on Quora. Preferred vacation spots include mountains - for long, thought-filled, hikes.


My husband is a quantum physicist but shares many of my own interests and hobbies.

My brother is a future robotics engineer. He makes amazing things for his age!

My dad is the best software engineer I know. See his Quora answers! He taught me that a minute not spent learning is a minute lost!