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Repair & Maintenance

The Repair & Maintenance (R&M) group is responsible for campus-wide preventive, corrective, and reactive maintenance at MIT, day or night, to support the faculty, students, and staff who live and work here. Our integrated teams strive to ensure that the buildings and mechanical and structural systems on campus are operating efficiently and reliably.

R&Mís responsibilities encompass the entire 168-acre campus and its 144 buildings, including more than 14,500 offices, 5,500 labs, and 500 classrooms.

Request services

To request standard repair or maintenance services, use Service Requests in the Atlas system. Note that basic services are covered by the Facilities operational budget while special services include a fee.

If you need to report a repair or maintenance emergency, call 617-253-4948. Between 7:00 AM-4:30 PM, you will be connected with the Customer Service Center, which assists with work order processing and customer service issues. Outside of those hours, you will be connected with the Operations Center.

The Operations Center, managed by the Repair & Maintenance Operations group, continuously monitors all life safety and mechanical systems, including fire alarms and heating and cooling systems. Team members work 24/7 to ensure quick response to emergencies and to make sure that all critical systems are functioning.





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Repair & Maintenance

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