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Stakeholder Expectations

It is important to ensure that key stakeholders are involved before a training is decided, throughout the planning process, and especially when decisions are to be made.

Key Questions:

  • Who are the stakeholders for this topic?

    For example, this may include content owners across departments or disciplines. It could also include potential instructors and designers. Finally, it would include those in decision-making areas for program cost and staff time. Make a point to discuss with all stakeholders the rationale for the program, gather their input, and keep them informed throughout the process.

  • How will the roles in this training project be agreed upon: stakeholder, training manager, developer/designer, trainer, sponsor, etc?
  • Have the criteria been developed, and a process discussed, to decide whether or not to go forward with the training?
  • How will diverse constituents be fully involved?
  • What information is helpful and to whom?
  • When should information be disseminated?
  • What cost factors need to be clarified with which stakeholders?
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