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Time to Use this Tool

  • 5 Minutes

    Click on At-a-Glance-Delivery Method Matrix. This "at-a-glance" training delivery method matrix provides a means to consider the most effective variables for choosing a delivery method.

  • 30 Minutes

    Click on Full Delivery Method Matrix. This robust matrix includes "most effective variables" for choosing a training delivery method (like the At-a-Glance Matrix) and two other aspects: "least effective variables" as well as relevant quotes from the MIT Delivery Methods Survey.

  • 45 Minutes

    Click on the Framework. Read through the steps involved in making training design and delivery method decisions. Scanning the questions within the key factor form will provide a context for considering many topics related to training design and delivery. Then click on the Matrix as described above.

  • 60 Minutes

    Scanning the questions within each factor in the Framework and reviewing the Matrix for delivery methods will provide both a context and more detail in choosing a method. By also clicking on the Key Questions Form, you can begin recording your responses. This will assist in thinking through issues and understanding pros and cons of delivery methods.

  • 1-2 Hours

    Taking your time to go through the full Framework, completing the Key Questions Form for recording your responses, reviewing the different questions and topics in the Factors area of the Framework, and utilizing the Matrix will ensure that you have thought carefully about most factors involved in a training program. You will also be well on your way to knowing which factors influence your choice of delivery method. Finally, you will be able to discuss and provide concrete responses during your stakeholder communications to enable excellent decision-making.