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II. Training Design Factors


Get the Key Questions Form

In this section you will find detailed questions to consider involved in training design. In each of the training design factors that you see on the left (e.g., Participants, Resources, Intangibles, etc), you will find topics and questions to enable your decisions.

For example, if you go to Resources, you will see several resource-related topics. Here you will find questions to answer about cost, space, instructors, and content experts. These questions will allow you to consider such topics before you develop a training rather than suddenly discover them along the way. It is not expected that you will have the answers at first. However, by considering all the questions, you will neither be surprised by them nor lose sight of their importance. You will also be able to address or discuss them with sponsors and stakeholders.

In each of the Training Design Factors, you will first see a list of "Key Questions" and then a second list of "Additional Questions." This distinction was made to ensure the key questions are provided a significant focus. Nonetheless, it may be that some of the additional questions become keys to your particular training. For this reason, we encourage you to customize your individual Training Design "Key Questions Form." This form is downloadable to your computer and can be customized to include (or exclude) questions you deem important to your program.

This "Key Questions Form" is also intended to provide a means to record or keep track of your answers. If you can, read through all the factors and their questions first. Then customize the Key Questions Form to your own program.

Training Design Factors:

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