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Following are questions about evaluation to consider as you plan your training program. There are two lists here, the first are "Key Questions:" those that you will likely need to consider early in the process. Following are "Additional Questions:" questions you may also find useful to consider. These lists are not exhaustive, and you may have additional questions.

These questions are intended to guide the process of thinking through the design of training programs and the choice of delivery method. If you click on Key Questions Form, you will find the key questions for all the factors listed. You can customize this form as well by downloading and editing it.

Key Questions:

  • What needs to be measured?
  • Has a base line been established for measuring?
  • Will participants be tested? How?
  • Are there any prerequisites for this training?
  • Is there an existing training evaluation or does one need to be developed?

Other Questions to Consider:


  • What level of measurement (1-5) is optimal for the course?
  • Will the learning objectives be part of the measurement of success?



  • Do participants need a certain level of proficiency to take this course?
  • How will trainees' prior knowledge be evaluated?
  • Is this course being offered for certification?


  • What will the results of an evaluation be used for?
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