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Design Needs

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Following are questions about course design needs to consider as you plan your training program. There are two lists here, the first are "Key Questions:" those that you will likely need to consider early in the process. Following are "Additional Questions:" questions you may also find useful to consider. These lists are not exhaustive, and you may have additional questions. These questions are intended to guide the process of thinking through the design of training programs and the choice of delivery method. If you click on Key Questions Form, you will find the key questions for all the factors listed. You can customize this form as well by downloading and editing it.

Key Questions:

  • Is this a new training?
  • Is there an existing training that needs to be updated?
  • Is there a training designer on staff or will one need to be hired?
  • How much development time will it take to design the training?
  • Will a handbook need to be created or updated?
  • Will permission to use material need to be acquired?
  • In what way will diversity be incorporated in your design (different learning styles, language, cultural backgrounds, physical needs, etc)?

Other Questions to Consider:


  • How will the content impact the design needs or exercises and aides? For example, to learn a new software program, computers would be needed. Interpersonal skills, on the other hand, may not need computers but rather require people together in a room to practice.
  • Will the content cross several areas so that a variety of aides will be needed?
  • Will the content be amenable to different kinds of exercises? For example, will this need to be planned in advance or can this be addressed during the actual design phase of the course?
  • Will it impact the choice of delivery method? If so, in which ways?


  • Will location impact design needs or aides? For example, if the course must be taught in a particular room, will this room limit or support the learning and will the aides be available in this room?
  • Are the design and aides already created? Or, will new exercises be needed?
  • Is it clear which types of exercises will be utilized and will this be possible in any location? How will this impact choice of delivery method? For example, if course content requires computer-based training exercises, will it be beneficial to do so in a classroom setting with an instructor, via e-learning, or via a blended approach?
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