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Following are questions about participants to consider as you plan your training program. There are two lists here, the first are "Key Questions:" those that you will likely need to consider early in the process. Following are "Additional Questions:" questions you may also find useful to consider. These lists are not exhaustive, and you may have additional questions.

These questions are intended to guide the process of thinking through the design of training programs and the choice of delivery method. If you click on Key Questions Form, you will find the key questions for all the factors listed. You can customize this form as well by downloading and editing it.

Key Questions:

  • What is the total anticipated number of participants?
  • How many participants are expected to receive the training in the first year?
  • Do expected participants have experience with the topic?
  • Do expected participants have experience with the technology?
  • How will you keep participant diversity in mind in all aspects of your training?

Other Questions to Consider:

Number of Participants

  • Will there be a pilot? If so, how many participants will be part of the pilot?
  • How many are expected to receive the training in subsequent years?


  • Is there a location/space already planned for use? If so, will the number of participants match the space?
  • Will new space be needed? If so, how will the number of expected participants in the first and subsequent years impact space needs?
  • Will the planned space work for other needs (technology, etc)?
  • Will participants be in one location only? Or, will they also work in their own space/at their own computers? How much time will they be in the various locations?

Previous Experience

  • How will participant experience impact the course materials, space, technology and other needs?
  • How will this affect delivery method requirements? For example, if participants will need to know certain software to take the training (e.g., e-learning, self-paced), how will it be ensured that they have this capability? Can the training be delivered, therefore, with this methodology?

Access to Technology

  • Will participants need access to specific kinds of technology during this course?
  • If video or computers or other technology will be needed, how will previous experience impact the type, quantity, or other aspects of technology needs?
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