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Key Questions Form

This form is designed to be downloaded or printed and used as a record-keeping log before and during the design phase of your training program. You can use this as is: it now has all the "Key Questions" listed in each of the Training Design Factors. Or, you can customize it to include questions of your own choosing. You will find many "Additional Questions" in each of the Training Design Factors as well.

Get the Training Design Factors: Key Questions Form (a Word document you can download and print or type on)

Training Design Factors: Key Questions

Consider these questions to evaluate and prepare the appropriate training delivery method. In order to fully evaluate and select the best training delivery method, review all questions in each of the Training Factors.

What Do You Want To Accomplish? Comments
What domain of learning is being targeted: knowledge, skills or attitude/behavior?  
Does this training seek to change a behavior, including the manner in which people's emotions, feelings, and attitudes are brought into play?  
Will the training teach a skill that requires practice and can be measured?  
Learning Objectives Factor Comments
What are the desired outcomes of this training?  
Upon completion of this training, what should a participant be able to know and do?  
Content Factors Comments
How much research might be needed to ensure the content will be relevant, timely, and up-to-date?  
How long/over what length of time might the training content be relevant?  
What expertise will be needed to develop the course content?  (Does the expertise exist internally or will it be necessary to hire additional assistance?)  
Course Lifetime Factors Comments
How often will the training be offered in a given year?  
Will the training be offered regularly or intermittently?  
How will the training be kept up-to-date?  
Design Needs Comments
Is this a new training?  
Is there an existing training that needs to be updated?  
Is there a training designer on staff or will one need to be hired?  
How much development time will it take to design the training?  
Will a handbook need to be created or updated?  
Will permission to use material need to be acquired?  
Participant Factors Comments
What is the total anticipated number of participants?  
How many participants are expected to receive the training in the first year?  
Do expected participants have experience with the topic?  
Do expected participants have experience with the technology?  
Intangible Factors Comments
How will participants be inspired to enjoy and apply the learning?  
In what way can diversity be kept in mind in all aspects?  
How will different learning styles be incorporated?  
How will you ensure that creativity and laughter are possible?  
In what ways will you keep adult learning theory in mind?  
Evaluation Factors Comments
What needs to be measured?  
Has a base line been established for measuring?  
Will participants be tested? How?  
Are there any prerequisites for this training?  
Is there an existing training evaluation or does one need to be developed?  
Resources Factors Comments


How many instructors are needed?  
Will training be needed for instructors?  
How much time will the instructor or presenter need to prepare to teach this training?  
Is there travel involved for the instructor? Hotel costs? Meals?  


Is there existing space?  Will it need to be changed in any way?  
How much space is needed? How many rooms are needed?  
Will learners be in one location only?  
Will participants work in their own space/at their own computers?  


How many hours is this training?  
Will the training be taught in segments? (For example, will the training be taught in one-hour segments, once per week, for many weeks?)  


Will space need to be rented?  
Is there an instructor on staff or will one need to be hired?  
Is there a course designer on staff or will one need to be hired?  
Will handouts, supporting documentation, and instructor materials be produced in-house or at a cost from a vendor?  
Will existing software or computers be used as is, or will they need to be upgraded or purchased?  

Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Does the training require an expert in a field to provide information to the designer/trainer?  
Is there someone in-house to provide subject expertise?  
How much research might be needed to ensure the content will be relevant, timely, and up-to-date?  


Is new software needed to develop the training or materials?  
Will existing software need to be upgraded?  
What presentation equipment will be needed? (computers, video, microphones, TV)  
What is the room setup?  (tables, chairs, podium, slide screen, projector, etc.)  
Are there complex installations requiring technical expertise?  
Will participants need access to specific kinds of technology during this training?  

Administrative Staff

Who will help with copying, slide creation, technical support?  
How will communication with participants be handled?  
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