International Implementation

BioD Funding


The forum itself will be sponsored by the International Committee on Biodiversity. The website will require the following: domain name, hosting, website coding, graphics, web-certificates for the members, translation of the webpage into the main languages: Arabic, Chinese, English, French, Russian and Spanish, and maintenance. All of the above services and components will have to be purchased by ICB.

According to DesignQuote Web Design Cost Estimate Calculator, a professional website requiring coding, forum, different privacy settings, administrator controls, flash animation and other design features applicable to this forum will cost between 57,800.00 and 78,200.00 USD if executed by a professional web-design company.

Additional funding has to be allocated for translation and creation of web certificate system for which we suggest that ICB sets aside additional 20,000 USD

The ICB funding required for sponsorship of global research and private grants will vary depending on private grant applications and the global research initiated by the International Committee on Biodiversity. We propose that the first global research projects to be considered stem from the solutions provided on Mission 2015 website.


Figure 1: Timeline for implementation