Advanced Lectures 2004


Fast Planning  
W Mar 31

LPG: Local Search for Planning Graphs (Seung Chung)

Lecture notes

M Apr 5
Fast Solutions to Constraint Satisfaction Problems (Robert Effinger & Dan Lovell) Advanced Lecture notes 1, 2
  Cooperative Planning  
W Apr 7
Distributed CSPs and Task Assignment (Thomas Léauté & Justin Werfel) Advanced Lecture notes 1 and 2
M Apr 12
Distributed Reinforcement Learning and MDPs (Lars Blackmore & Steve Block) Lecture notes
  Vision-based Exploration  
W Apr 14
Vision-based SLAM (Soren Riisgaard) Lecture notes
W Apr 21
Information Based Adaptive Robotic Exploration (Morten Rufus Blas) & Uncertainty and Visual Exploration Alexander Omelchenko) Advanced Lecture notes 1 and 2
Robots that Preplan for an Uncertain Future
M Apr 26

SIFT SLAM Vision Details (Vikash Mansinghka)

Advanced Lecture notes