16.810: Engineering Design and Rapid Prototyping (IAP 2004)

Temporary course number for IAP 2004: 16.682

Department of Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Course Information

Meeting Times:
Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Jan. 5, 7, 9, 12, 14, 16, 21, 23, 26, 28, 30, 1-4pm
Room: 33-218 (Design Studio)

Prerequisites: 16.010, 16.020 or Permission of instructor
No listeners
Units: 3-3-0 A-F grading
Develops a holistic view of and initial competency in engineering design by conceiving, designing, manufacturing and testing a system component such as a complex structural part. Activities include hand sketching, CAD modeling, CAE analysis, CAM programming and operation of CNC machining equipment. Requirements compliance is verified in the laboratory via structural testing. Initial designs are improved by means of multiobjective design optimization. The focus is on the complementary roles of human creativity and computational methods and tools as well as the design process itself. Designs are executed by pairs of students who enter their products in a design competition.  The pedagogy is based on active learning and a balance of lectures and hands-on activities. Enrollment may be limited.
O. de Weck, I.Y. Kim, D. Wallace, P. Young

L1: Course Introduction
L2: Sketching, Supplement 1, Supplement 2
L6: NuCast Rapid Prototyping Guest Lecture, Supplement
L7: Structural Testing
L8: Optimization
L9: Issues in Optimization Guest Lecture (Bio of Dr. Sobieski and brief synopsis of lecture)
L10: Bicycle Science Guest Lecture, Fundamental FEM Theory Paper

Important Class Links

Updated Design Requirements
Schedule for Final Week of Class
Test protocol document for use during structural testing
"Drop box" for submission of electronic deliverables (Login with your AA-DESIGN login. If you have any problems, contact Fred Donovan or Bill Nadir)
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Contact Information: email and office

Olivier de Weck, 33-410
Il Yong Kim, 33-404
David Wallace, 3-455
Col. Peter Young, 33-240
Don Weiner, 33-009A
John Kane, 37-016

TA: Bill Nadir, 33-409