Palm Beach County Ballot
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The Palm Beach County ballot was resplendent with usability issues:  the layout of two pages with punch holes in between was unfamiliar; text in the left column was left-aligned while text in the right column was right-aligned; the right column, lower that the left, appeared to be subordinate and thus had a minimal relationship to the punch holes; the word "Democratic was aligned with a hole for a different party; there was no relationship between the boxes and holes; the arrows were very small; and the holes were closely spaced.

During class a simple "experiment" using the ballot below was conducted. The class of 85 students were all asked to vote for the group "MECHANICAL". To simulate the time pressure felt to by having a line waiting at the voting booth, students were given 10 seconds to vote. Also, students work 1.5x magnifying glasses to simulate elderly eyes. Our voting error rate was 15%, while the actual election vote error rates was estimated at 2% (more than the margin of victory). The green dot indicates the correct vote, while the red dot indicates the unintended vote.