See the concept refinement feedback. Click on the stars for comments

I am an emotional cube: form. Results from class
I have a feeling: color. Results from class
What's my message? graphics. Results from class

Class Thursday (April 28): Progress reviews. Each team will have an individual, 15 minute consultation to review their design and plans for completion. Please see the schedule and please be on time! Other than your 15 minute meeting, it is a work week.

due May 8: Concept implementation. Website submission is due May 13.

Final presentation venue

Of interest: (archives)
- Duck armies
- Mental models. Each rendering took 12-16 hours in photoshop
- Left to right, or right to left
- Trailers: what makes you want to watch
- Graphic design: almost genius
- Glossary of type terminology
- Design your own type
- Top fonts of 2015

- Colors and cultures
- Adobe Kuler color themes
- Color matters
- Palettes, patterns and colors

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If you would like to meet with David for feedback on your work in class or ask any questions just send an email