35-307 Terms of use & lab safety rules
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Room 35-307 Terms of Use

The terms of use for the product design lab, room 35-307 are:

  1. I will only enter the lab after reading and agreeing to the terms-of-use.
  2. I will not give the combination to, or provide entry to, any person that has not also submitted their agreement to abide by the terms-of-use. A list of authorized users is linked to the 2.744 home page.
  3. I will abide by the 2.744 lab safety rules and only use equipment I have been trained to use.
  4. I will not work alone.
  5. I will not use the table saw, laser cutter, 3D printer, and miter saw. They are only to be used with the assistance of course staff. Feel free to ask for help.
  6. I will return all tools to their storage location in the room immediately after I use them. This is critical!
  7. I will ensure that the lab and its tools are clean and tidy before leaving, and that the space is left in a useable condition similar to how I found it.
  8. I will never take any tools outside of the lab unless I have explicit permission from the course instructor.
  9. If I have any concerns about safety, the space, or note that tools are malfunctioning or need service, I will email the course instructor promptly so that the situation can be rectified.
  10. The other students working the lab and I, together, will ensure that there is never more than 25 people working in the space at one time.

2.744 Lab Safety Rules

Working safely is paramount. Along with lab instructors and shop staff, everyone should be watching for dangerous situations. Always remember that product parts can easily be replaced while body parts can't!

Each tool and floor machine in the lab has its own set of safety rules. A list of some important general guidelines is provided below.