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Instructor Martin Culpepper Runs An External Gear Pumps Designed and Built By Tina Rosado (bottom left) as Adrian Birka (top middle) and Allicia Jillian Hardy (top left) look on

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Dick Perdichizi Demonstrates How An Airfoil Works
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Gina and Christina Park Pose In Clean Room Suits
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Gina and Christina as Enhanced by Pentium II™ Chips
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Lee Knight Poses Beside A Jet Engine
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1st Section Students Pose Next to 6 Cylinder Engine to Be Assembled

Standing From Left To Right: Katin Shields, Jen Blundo,

Rhonda Salzman, Adrian Birka, Courtney Clench, Tina Rosado,
Allicial Jillian Hardy, David Hu, Michael Ramirez, Mealani Nakamura

Kneeling from left to right: Manual Martinez, Kevin Richardson
katin_n_jen_studying_geared_machines.jpg (11424 bytes)

Jen Blundo and Katin Shields Work On A Tape Recorder And Several Gear Boxes
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Manuel Martinez Ponders How To Start Disassembling The Engine
student_with_engine_and_torque_wrench.jpg (11662 bytes)

Rosalind Takata Prepares to Finish Off The Engine
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Rosalind Takata and Eric Smith Don "Booties" Before Entering the MEMs Clean Room
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During Lab, Students Explain To Each Other How The Machines They Take Apart Work
student_making_lobe_gear_pump.jpg (12601 bytes)

Eric Smith Solid Models His Gear Pump
student_working_on_internal_gear_pump.jpg (11217 bytes)

Ryan Anderson Disassembles An Internal Gear Pump
student_working_on_r-theta_robot_arm.jpg (7386 bytes)

Todd Atkins Disassembles An Industrial Robot Arm

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