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Lab Organization / Logistics:

Approximately 2 days are allotted for each lab, 4 labs in all.  In each lab, your group (3-5 students) will disassemble and write a lab on a machine from one of the following categories:
    Hydraulic/Pneumatic       Engines      Electromechanical      Gears & Bearings

After you have finished your lab, there are other machines in the same category for you to take apart.

1st day of lab 2nd day of lab
    Take apart the machine
    Sketch pieces/machine
    Model performance
    Reassemble the machine (no mystery pieces!)
     Finish model
     Finish tests
    Turn in the write up
     Take apart other machines from same category and
     REASSEMBLE them

Following the 2nd day, each group switches to the next category (i.e. your group spends 2 days on gears & bearings, then switches to hydraulic/pneumatics.)  

Your group is responsible for explaining the machines in your last lab to the group that follows you so pay attention to detail!  This gives you practice in explaining things, shows you how much you really learned, and shows you what you need to work on.

Devices which are of particular interest to students, or impractical to disassemble in lab will be examined during field trips and through the final reports.


lab_reports.gif (3547 bytes) Lab reports ARE meant to:
     Point you to the important things
     Minimize your time pushing paper
     SHORT!!! Maximum 3 pages of pictures, plots, & text.
     Practical (No busy work)
     Mandatory (You must hand in all, on time, to pass)


Each report should include these sections:
  1. Title
  2. Group members
  3. Date
  4. List of FRs & DPs
  5. Drawings, labels, & explanation of major components
  6. Explanation of "how it works"
  7. Discussion of dominant & limiting physics
  8. Any Plots / Graphs / Tables

More specifics will be given during the labs.


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