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Field Trips

The field trips are to expose you to some things which are impractical to take apart in lab.  All dates below are confirmed.  We will meet in 35-125A, then go as a group.  Here is what we will see at each location:

Abrasive Waterjet
[see what we saw]
Machine capable of cutting through almost anything (up to 5 inches thick!)  It will cut wood, plastic, steel, ceramic, glass, etc.... (won't cut diamond.)  We will use this machine to make the pieces of your gear pump.
Car Wash
[see what we saw]
Drive through car wash and see how all the moving parts work!
Aero-E Department
[see what we saw]
  • Wind tunnel (some lift / drag demonstrations planned)
  • Whittle engine (one of the first jet engines)
  • Pulse jet engine
  • German WWII vintage jet engine
  • Robot used to test NASA space suits
[see what we saw]
Equipment, processes, and materials/chemical used to make MicroElectroMechanical Systems.
MIT Physical Plant
[see what we saw]
  • Massive Machines
  • Chillers
  • Boilers
  • Steam Turbines
  • Back-up MIT Power Supply
  • 20 MW Steam Turbine


LMP Abrasive Waterjet Car Wash Aero-E Department MIT MEMS Lab MIT Physical Plant
Session 1 Jan. 04
9.30 am
Depends on Interest Jan. 7
3 PM
Jan. 8
Jan. 11
1.30 PM
Session 2 Jan. 19
9.45 am
Depends on Interest Jan. 21
3 PM
Jan. 25
1.30 PM

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