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Prizes consist of waterjet cut part.  Choose anything you want (within reason,) provide the dxf file (i.e. from SolidWorks™ or a picture,) and I will cut it for you!

Prizes will be given for:

Section: Best report Best overall lab performance Best CAD performance
1 nakamura_mealani.jpg (2777 bytes)
Mealani Nakamura
rosado_tina.jpg (2579 bytes)
Tina Rosado
luz_roman.jpg (2481 bytes)
Roman Luz
2 ? ? ?

If you win and can't think of what you want, a sample of past waterjet art follows:






 mit_clock.gif (20381 bytes)

MIT Clock
(clock fits in top hole)
Granite, 0.75"

3.0 hrs

Alana Tyler 
Martin Culpepper
michigan_clock.jpg (5915 bytes) Michigan Clock Marble, 0.50" 1 hr Felipe Varela
Martin Culpepper

 rose_on_background.jpg (4249 bytes)

Rose Granite, 0.75"

25 min

Chris Ho 
Martin Culpepper
rose_in_frame.jpg (5327 bytes) Rose & Frame Granite & Marble, 0.75"

45 min

Chris Ho 
Martin Culpepper

 new_hampshire_clock.gif (22282 bytes)

New Hampshire 
Granite, 0.50"

35 min

Prof. Alex Slocum 
Martin Culpepper

 ford_logo.gif (14284 bytes)

Ford Logo Aluminum, 0.50"

15 min

Alana Tyler 
Martin Culpepper


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