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The goals of the final projects are to:
     Give you the opportunity to investigate the operation of some device / system / "thing" that has always puzzled you
     To make the starter pages for an MIT Style How Things Work Web Site!! database

Each student must research how a device / system / "thing" (one not taken apart in class) works and write a 2 - 4 page report

These reports will be turned in as web pages and collated together as the starter pages for How Things Work database.

The final projects are meant to:
     Expose you to things which are impractical to take apart in class
     Share this information with your classmates and others in the MIT community
     Mandatory (You must hand in to pass)
     A sample report will also be provided to guide you and for use as an HTML template.
     I will help you make your graphics
     We will have a short HTML training assignment to get you started. This is really easy stuff!

Your  reports should include:

  1. Title
  2. Name, Course, Year
  3. List of functional requirements and design parameters (1st, maybe 2nd level, depending)
  4. Pictures, labels, & explanation of major components/geometry/flows
  5. Explanation of "how it works"
  6. Discussion of dominant & limiting physics
  7. Appropriate plots / graphs / tables explaining performance/operation
  8. A list of other machines/systems that use this device /system /"thing"

See the sample report for more specifics


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