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The machines to be taken apart are subject to change at any time.  We will be modeling part or whole of the machines shown in the red bordered cells.

As soon as the physics section is finished, clicking on the images will take you to the pages describing physics of operation.

Hydraulics Automotive Power
Electromechanical Gears & Bearings


real_pump_front_view.jpg (3030 bytes)
External Gear Pump
briggs_and_stratton.JPG (4473 bytes)
Briggs & Stratton
small_electric_motor.jpg (4383 bytes)
DC Electric Motors
screw_driver.jpg (1571 bytes)

Electric Screw Driver
fuel_pump.JPG (2345 bytes)
Fuel Pump
engine.jpg (4169 bytes)
Whole Engine!
 floppy_drives.jpg (2996 bytes)
Floppy Drives
gear_box_4.jpg (3407 bytes)
Gear Boxes
internal_gear_pump.jpg (3341 bytes)
[picture comming soon]
tape_player.JPG (2387 bytes)
Tape player
robot_arm_side_view.JPG (1883 bytes)
Industrial Robot Arm
water_pump.JPG (2576 bytes)
Vane Pump
  laser_printer.jpg (3819 bytes)
robot.jpg (2631 bytes)
Model Robot
whole_pump.jpg (3246 bytes)
Balanced Vane Pump
  copier.jpg (4090 bytes)
cv_joint.JPG (1154 bytes)
Automobile CV Joint
water_pump.jpg (3059 bytes)
Automobile Water Pump
[from 6 cylinder engine in next column]
  vcr.jpg (2031 bytes)
rack_and_pinnion.JPG (1278 bytes)
Automobile Rack and Pinion
hydraulic_valve.jpg (3265 bytes)
Pipe Line Valve
  8hp_electic_motor.jpg (3196 bytes)
8 hp AC Motor
alarm_clock.JPG (4032 bytes)
Alarm Clock
    stepper_motor_and_gear_box.jpg (2878 bytes)
Stepper Motor
    alternator.jpg (3511 bytes)
[from 6 cylinder engine in next column]


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