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8.02X :: Electricity & Magnetism

Previous Announcements

3/28/05 [2:25PM]

    Slides from today's lecture can be found here. Experiment EB questions can be found here. Solutions to quiz 2 have been posted here.

3/24/05 [10:15PM]

    Lecture notes for 3/16 and 3/18 have been posted. Pset 7 has also been posted. Experiment EB questions will be posted in a seperate document.

3/11/05 [4:30PM]

3/11/05 [1:25PM]

    Slides from todays quiz 2 review can be found here.

3/11/05 [11:40AM]

    The Quiz #2 Review Session will be tonight from 6-8 pm in room 54-100.

3/10/05 [10:45PM]

    Pset 6 has been posted here. This pset only consists of the VI write-up.

3/8/05 [11:00PM]

    Two practice quizzes have been posted.

3/8/05 [5:20PM]

    PS 4 solutions have been reposted with a typo corrected in the first problem.

3/7/05 [2:45PM]

    Slides from todays lecture can be found here.

3/6/05 [7:45PM]

    EF experiment questions have been posted here. Experiment check-off and write-up are due 3/11. Note that the two washers should be connected to the (+) and (-) HVPS outputs, after the two 1MOhm resistors on the HVPS. It doesn't matter which washer is connected to (+) or (-).

3/4/05 [11:15PM]

    Pset 5 has been posted here. Slides from todays lecture can be found here.

    For those who would like some more practice problems for Quiz #2 - here are some problems from Young&Freedman that may be useful:

    • Capacitance: Example Q24.4, Q24.19, 24.28, 24.66, 24.70, 24.72
    • Current: Page 954 'test your understanding'-question, Q25.12, Q25.13, Q25.17, 25.32, 25.35, 25.49, 25.77

3/4/05 [4:45PM]

3/2/05 [3:20PM]

2/25/05 [2:50PM]

2/24/05 [11:25PM]

    Pset 4 has been posted here.

2/23/05 [2:00PM]

2/19/05 [08:00PM]


    Quiz 1 will take place in class (26-100) on Tuesday , 2/22, 10AM

    Our tutor will be available from 6-8PM on Monday, 2/21, in room 4-338

    My review slides from Friday can be found here.

    The solutions to the practice quizzes 1a and 1b are somewhat flaky (I'll have to have a word with my grad students when I'm back at MIT....). Corrections to the solutions can be found here. Please let me know of any further questions/problems.

    Electric Potential : In class, we have so far only discussed the electric potential and potential energy for a uniform field (which, as I said, has a good analogy in the gravitational potential energy close to the earth' surface). This is all that you need to understand for the quiz. We will spent more time on this topic after the quiz.

    See the FAQ page for other comments on quiz content!

    No calculators or books are allowed, but you can bring a formula sheet to the quiz. The only rule is that you have to write the sheet yourself.

2/18/05 [11:00PM]

    Solutions to pset 2 have been posted.

2/18/05 [5:00PM]

    Solutions to the practice quizzes have been posted.

2/18/05 [11:30AM]

    Quiz 1 review can be found here here.

    If you previously downloaded practice quiz 1b, please get the updated version (problem 1 on the first version was screwed up).

2/17/05 [4:30AM]

    Problem set #3 can be found here. This includes the questions for the HVPS experiment (Use the pset HVPS questions, not the experiment manual questions). Pset 3 is due 2/25 (it's short...). Experiment HVPS check-off and write-up are due 3/4. Check the pset for the bonus point policy.

2/17/05 [3:55AM]

    The lab (Rm 4-355) is open M 3-5PM, T 7:30-9:30PM, W 7:30-9:30PM, R 3-5PM, F 12-3PM. On 2/22, the lab will be open 3-5PM (Monday schedule). For check-off, please be sure to sign-up at least 15min before the lab closes.

    For the lab write-ups (to be handed in by both partners, together with the problem sets), please follow the questions that are posted together with the problem sets and NOT the questions in the manual - those are similar, but often somewhat confusing.

2/15/05 [11:30AM]

    Two practice quizzes have been posted.

2/15/05 [10:15AM]

    Problem set #1 solutions have been posted.

2/4/05 [9:55AM]

    Problem set #2 can be found here. It is due February 18.
2/2/05 [4:45PM]
    Problem set #1 can be found here. The experiment check-off and grading policy is here.

2/2/05 [10:10AM]

    Recitation change update

    If you'd like to change your recitation section, you can use the 'Grades' link at left starting Monday, Feb. 7. The grades/recitations database will not be able to accept requests until then. You may start switch to the recitation of your choice this week, but remember to enter your change in the database next week.

    Todays lecture slides

    A .pdf file with the slides from today can be found here

2/1/05 [9:20AM] (updated 2:05PM)
    Recitation changes

    If for some reason you need to switch your recitation, please use the 'Grades' link on the menu on the left. This will take you to the Grade Management System, where you will later in the semester also be able to view your grades. For now, you can use the system to request recitation changes. Note that for your own good, enrollment to each recitation is limited to less than 35 students.

    Take-home experiments

    To prepare for the 8.02x take-home experiments, please do the following as soon as possible:

      (a) Find a partner to form a two-student (i.e. not 1, not 3) partnership. You will be working on the 8.02x experiments together throughout the semester.
      (b) Print and fill out the red box form. You will need one red box with the parts for the experiments per partnership. The boxes will be handed out after lecture on 2/4.
      (c) If you don't have tools already, you will want to purchase a toolkit ($30) with the necessary equipment for building the experiments. Please print out the toolkit form and follow the instructions.
      (d) Lab manuals will be available from copytech by Thursday ($10 each). Each student will need a copy of the lab manual.
    Lab sessions will start Mon, 2/7.

    Mastering Physics Registration

    Your copy of the Young&Freedman book will come with an access code for Mastering Physics. When registering, please use MPROLAND0002 as the Course ID. The first assignment, which is for practice only, has been posted.

1/31/05 [9:25PM]
    Recitation schedule

    As I mentioned in my e-mail from today, the first recitations will only take place after the first lecture. That is Thursday, 2/3, for TR recitations and Wednesday, 2/2, for MW recitations. Later this week, an online mechanism for switching recitation sections will become available.

1/31/05 [3:25PM]
    Welcome to 8.02X!

    In the course of the semester, I will use the latest news section on the 8.02x homepage to post all the latest information and updates. So, please check back often!

    General course information (syllabus, recitation schedule etc) will be posted in the General Info section.

    If you have any questions regarding 8.02x, don't hesitate to contact me via AIM as 'phobosrolandg' (preferred!) or via e-mail to

    Looking forward to a fun semester,
    Gunther Roland