The Preventative
Maintenance Program


Outline of the Preventative Maintenance Program

Guidelines for Preventative Maintenance Program Participation

Administrative Computing Renewal Program

Departmental Computing Liaison Responsibilities

Current Departmental Computing Liaisons

Participating IS Teams and their responsibilities

Background: SoS Pilot

Hardware/Software standards

Key Dates

Initial Assessment

  • The computing environment is evaluated
  • Participant hardware and software is upgraded or replaced based upon the assessment
  • Time estimate is 4 hours per machine

Preventative Maintenance (three times per year)
During each visit the following will be checked and updated (as necessary)...

  • Software on the machines (make sure it is the most current)
  • Anti-virus software is updating and scanning regularly
  • Full anti-virus scan of computer's hard drive
  • Backups are occurring on a regularly scheduled basis
  • Launch full backup, time permitting
  • Check certificates
  • Ensure each computer can accesss two or more printers
  • Time estimate is 2 hours per machine (per visit)
  • Any unresolved problems are addressed
  • Moira database information is current *
  • Machines are labeled properly
  • For staff changes during the year: A subset of preventative maintenance is completed as a new employee departs and a new one arrives. To make it a smooth transition, please contact AdminIT-Help.

Daily Support
Phone and e-mail support is available Monday through Friday, 8am to 6pm.

Emergency dispatch service to address problems with your hardware or software that can't be resolved by e-mail or over the phone is available.

  • AdminIT-help consultants will determine if dispatch is necessary.
  • Emergency dispatch will be in your office within 2 to 4 hours.
  • DLC cost of $60/hour, when the 2 to 4 hour window is not sufficient, and this is coordinated through the Computing Help Desk’s Housecall process.

*Moira is Information System's primary database for host names, IP addresses, e-mail lists, and other administrative information.

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