Basic Event Planning

Event Planning

An event is any activity that requires you to make arrangements before the program can actually take place. It may be anything from an introductory meeting or study break to a concert, film, conference, or dramatic performance. But keep in mind that no matter how small or easy an event may seem, some advance planning is required.

All student groups must meet with a SAO staff member at least one month prior to the following events:

Student groups are encouraged to visit the SAO for guidance in planning any events, large or small. Here are some specific steps in the event planning process for your group to consider:

Do not assume anything!



Advising and Training

MIT has several support mechanisms for event planners. The Student Activities Office staff (W20-500, 253-6777) is available to advise student groups both with group dynamics and specifically in the area of event planning. Student groups can also get event logistics support through the Campus Activities Complex (CAC) (W20-500, 253-3913). For departmental events, both CAC and the Information Center (7-121, 253-4795) are available to help work through event issues and logistics.

In addition, the Student Activities Office offers workshops that give an overview of the entire event planning process at MIT. To get information about any upcoming workshops, please contact the Student Activities Office at 253-6777 or via email at

For departments, MIT Conference Services offers a one-stop shop for conference organizers, providing professional conference planning and registration services. For further information, visit their website,, or call them at 253-1700.

In addition for department event coordinators, the MIT Events and Information Center organizes informational activities for event planners on campus. Please contact the MIT Event and Information Center if you would like to join eventplanners@mit.

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Planning for your event is very important. Do not assume anything. For example, when you think about reserving a room on campus, do not assume that the room will have furniture in it or that a podium and microphone will be there for you. Keep in mind that in the business of event planning, the only thing that will happen for you is what your organization arranges to have happen.

Once you know what you want to do, you can then begin tackling the logistics of making it happen. On the following pages, information is provided to guide you through the event planning process.

Student Activities
Office (SAO)
W20-500, 253-6777

Campus Activities
Complex (CAC)
W20-500, 253-3913

MIT Events and Information Center
7-121, 253-4795