Registering an Event

Event registration is a 7 step process for ensuring that you have a safe and successful event. The information acquired is necessary to ensure appropriate offices are informed about your event. Registration must be completed at least five (5) business days prior to the event. Registration forms are available in the Student Activities Office, CAC, the MIT Events and Information Center, DAPER, and the Schedules Office.

What Institute Events Must Be Registered?

  1. ALL events, on campus, where alcohol will be served. Departmentally-sponsored events held off of the campus do not need to be registered. However, organizers of events held off campus that include the service of alcohol should notify the appropriate senior officer.
  2. ALL on-campus events where money will be collected during the course of the event.
  3. For on-campus events in facilities other than residence halls, where the attendance will exceed 100 people.
  4. For events in residence halls, any event open to non-residents where the attendance will exceed 100 people OR any event closed to non-residents where the attendance will exceed 250 people.
  5. ALL events where more than 20% of the audience is (or participants are) expected to be non-MIT community members, including conferences.
  6. All events that involve working with a non-MIT organization (as co-sponsor or guests).
  7. All events that involve working with minors (less than 18 years old).
  8. All events when required by appropriate campus department or under special circumstances.

MIT Events and Information Center
7-121, 253-4795

Student Activities Office (SAO)
W20-549, 253-6777

Residential Life
Programs (RLP)
W59-200, 452-4280

FSILG Office
W59-200, 253-7546