Due to COVID-19, the information in this Guide is superseded by new Institute policies and procedures.
For the most up to date information, visit: https://institute-events.mit.edu/covid-19_eventplanning

Event Regulations

The following section discusses several regulations to consider in order to have a safe event. Policies and procedures on metal detectors, tickets, licenses, raffles, game nights, and alcohol are outlined in this section. For additional information see studentlife.mit.edu/sole and studentlife.mit.edu/cac.

Institute Policies and Procedures

MIT Departments and student organizations should familiarize themselves with many of the policies and procedures outlined in MIT Policies and Procedures: A Guide for Faculty and Staff Members web.mit.edu/afs/athena.mit.edu/org/p/policies/. In particular, groups planning events should be familiar with the following sections: Campus Smoking Policy (Section 9.3.1); Policy Regarding the Use of Alcohol (Section 9.3.2); Use of Facilities (Section 12.5); Use of Facilities by Non-MIT Groups (Section 12.5.1) which includes events co-sponsored by MIT and Non-MIT Group(s); MIT Use of Outside Facilities (Section 12.5.4); and Political Action (Section 12.7).

Police at MIT
253-1212 or 253-9754

Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement Office
W20-500, 253-6777

Campus Activities Complex
W20-500, 253-3913

MIT Events and Information Center
7-121, 253-4795