Event Regulations


When charging admission for an event, either in advance or at the door, tickets should be used. Tickets enable you to maintain accurate records of revenue generated by the event. Preprinted numerical tickets are available at most stationery stores. When custom printing tickets, be certain to have them numbered. Hand-numbered tickets are not recommended.

Selling tickets at the entrance of an event can be problematic for events anticipating a large turn out. In that regard, procedures for separating actual ticket sales from the point of entry for the event should be implemented whenever possible. In addition, advance tickets sales should be encouraged wherever feasible by such practices as differential pricing for tickets purchased in advance and for tickets purchased at the door.

All ticket revenue must be deposited into a MIT internal account.

The total number of tickets available for each event shall be limited to the effective capacity of the particular location, allowing for predictable variation in attendance flow. Ticket sales for and general admission to an event will regularly be closed at least one hour before the event itself ends. Furthermore, an event may also be closed earlier if the building capacity is exceeded.

By Institute policy, admission tickets are limited to on-campus sales locations and may not be offered for sale at commercial booking offices. However, some student groups may be able to sell tickets via an MIT approved website. If you are interested, please contact sao-staff@mit.edu or stop by the Student Activities Office (SAO) in W20-500. Common locations for campus ticket sales are in Memorial Lobby and the Stratton Student Center Lobby. To reserve space in these areas, contact the CAC. For more information about ticket sales see http://studentlife.mit.edu/sao. Please use MIT Admit One for selling tickets online.