CAC Facilities


The Campus Activities Complex, CAC, manages common community spaces across the campus. CAC provides event planning and scheduling services for these spaces. In addition, CAC oversees Tim the Beaver, MIT's mascot, the Reading Room, three piano practice rooms, and various lounges. CAC, also, manages the Student Center retail portfolio and stewards student office space.

For events, CAC offers a variety of multi-purpose spaces in six buildings, parts of three additional buildings, and nine outdoor spaces, ranging from a twelve-hundred-seat auditorium to a twelve-seat conference room.

Major Event Spaces
Major Event Spaces (200+ people)
Little Kresge W16-035
Lobdell Dining Hall W20-208
Main Kresge W16-109
Morss Hall 50-140
Sala De Puerto Rico W20-202
Wong Auditorium E51-115

Mid-level Event Spaces
Mid-level Event Spaces (48-150 people)
Coffeehouse Lounge W20-308
Forbes Family Café 32-162
Gates Lobby 32-100LB
Memorial Lobby (10) 10
Lobby 13 13
Main Kresge Lobby W16-Lobby
Main Dining Room W11-190
Mezzanine Lounge W20-307
Private Dining Room #1-2 (W20-301/302)
Rehearsal Room A W16-033
Rehearsal Room B (W16-030
Room 407 W20-407
Room 491 W20-491
Charles Vest Student Street Spaces 32-1st Floor
Ting Foyer E51
TSMC Lobby 32-100LC
Twenty Chimneys W20-306
West Lounge W20-201

Small Event Spaces
Small Event Spaces (8-32 people)
Basement Conference Room W20-027
Community Room W11-155
Private Dining Room #1 W20-301
Private Dining Room #2 W20-302
Private Dining Room #3 W20-303
Private Dining Room #4 W20-308A
Room 400 W20-400
Small Dining Room W11-180

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Outdoor Spaces
Outdoor Spaces
Kresge Barbecue Pits
Kresge Lawn
Kresge Oval
McDermott Court/Dot
Stata Amphitheater
Student Center Steps
Student Center Plaza
Walker Lawn