CAC Facilities

Kresge Auditorium (W16)

Kresge is fully-accessible.

Note: While many of the spaces in Kresge may be used to support events in other Kresge spaces, each facility MUST be reserved SEPARATELY.

Main Kresge (W16-109)

This large auditorium seats a maximum of 1113 people, although only 1069 seats are available when the stage is extended over the pit seating section (its normal configuration). The venue is used for concerts, lectures, conferences, cultural shows, and other major events. No food or beverage is permitted in the auditorium. Special theatrical lighting can be arranged by contacting CAC for acceptable lighting vendor list. The use of musical instruments, such as grand pianos, is subject to charge and permission must be obtained at least three (3) weeks in advance from the Music Department (4-246, 253-3210). There is a movie screen. MIT Audio-Visual services are required for access to the audio booth and the sound system and projection controlled by the booth. CAC can provide a small self-help audio system with one microphone. If your event requires additional audio-visual services, notify MIT Audio-Visual (4-038, 253-2808) after you reserve the event space.

Little Theatre (W16-035)

This small theater seats a maximum of 150 fixed seats plus a balcony which can seat 8 accessibly or 25 chairs. The venue is generally used for theatrical and musical performances, lectures, and conferences. No food or beverage is permitted in the theater. There is a movie screen. Theatrical lighting and audio equipment are available for use by approved personnel.

Kresge Lobby (W16-100LA)

This is the lobby outside of Main Kresge. It can be used as a reception or registration space for events in Main Kresge. Alcohol can be served in Kresge Lobby, but cannot be openly served without additional plans in place, if other events are occurring in the building.

Rehearsal Rooms A (W16-033) and B (W16-030)

These windowless rooms are designed for classes, rehearsals, workshops, as well as small meetings. They have hardwood sprung floors and variable lighting. Each room has a whiteboard, a movie screen, portable sound system, and a Smart TV. They can be used in conjunction with events in Main Kresge and Little Theatre as well as press rooms, coat rooms, break-out rooms, dressing rooms, etc.

Men's (W16-010) and Women's (W16-021) Dressing Rooms

These may be used as dressing rooms for performers and guest speakers in conjunction with events in Main Kresge and Little Theatre. Both have showers.

Green Room

This room is to be used in conjunction with events in Kresge. Has a seating area and private bathroom.