Due to COVID-19, the information in this Guide is superseded by new Institute policies and procedures.
For the most up to date information, visit: https://institute-events.mit.edu/covid-19_eventplanning

Event Support

Many services are provided on campus which will help to make your event a success. This section describes the services available, how to arrange them, and information on related costs.

Charges, Fees, and Payment

CAC event space is free of charge for ASA-recognized student organizations. Departments are charged event support fees. (See CAC website https://studentlife.mit.edu/sites/default/files/2019-2020 CAC event support fee chart.pdf for current rate sheet for more specific pricing information.) In addition, under certain circumstances, student groups may be required to pay an Event Support Fee, such as when there is a non-MIT co-sponsor. If any event goes beyond its allotted time, fees may be charged. The group reserving a room assumes full responsibility for any damages to the facility or its equipment arising from misuse by its guests.

Additional services associated with an event such as special lighting, electricians, movement of special furniture, extra cleanup, damage, etc., will require payment by requisition, available for student groups through the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement Office (SOLE, W20-500, 253-6777). Check with the service provider for estimated costs and method of payment in order to better plan your event. Advance estimates of direct charges for particular events in CAC or Athletic facilities may be obtained from the Campus Activities Complex (CAC) (W20-500, 253-3913) or the DAPER (W32).