Event Regulations

Closing Time for Events

Events must end by the stated closing time on the Event Registration Form. All events must end no later than 1AM. This means that the audience must leave the room by the closing time. When a police detail is assigned, he/she will enforce this rule without question. Before the event starts, meet with the police officer(s) and a CAC manger or appropriate individual to discuss closing procedures. (Turning on the lights a few minutes before the event closing time is a very useful way to encourage people to leave the room.) Student groups can speak with the Student Organizations, Leadership and Engagement Office to petition request an event to be held past 1 AM. These instances are rare and are not guaranteed.

In some cases, the police will contact the event organizer 30 minutes prior to the closing hour to begin the process of ending the event. This allows time for all attendees to exit. (For example: events registered to end at 1AM should schedule the music or performance to conclude by 12:45AM so that the audience leaves the area by 1AM). At events with attendance of 200 or more, allow more time. For events with alcohol, "last call" should be made no later than 12:30AM or half an hour prior to the event closing time. The police detail reserves the right to close an event prior to the stated ending time if, in his or her judgment, MIT students and/or MIT property are being placed in danger. Closing may also occur if repeated complaints from others go unheeded, if an event should have been registered but was not, or if a police detail was required, but not arranged.

When students from other campuses attend such events, provisions should be made for their departure from campus, by measures such as calling cabs before the event ends, or offering the services of Safe Ride to distant parking areas.