Event Regulations

Outdoor Music Policy

  1. Playing music (stereo, radio, bands, dance performances, entertainers, etc.) on the Stratton Student Center Steps, Kresge Oval, Kresge Lawn, McDermott Court, Student Center Plaza, Walker Lawn, or Kresge Barbecue Pits is permitted as part of a planned educational or social program during the following hours:
    • Monday to Thursday - 11AM to 3PM
    • Friday to Sunday - 11AM to Sundown
    Sound must be kept at a reasonable level to ensure that residents of neighboring buildings are not disturbed.
  2. Major day-long events involving music and/or performances such as fairs are restricted to Fridays and weekends. Music at these larger outdoor events is permitted from 11AM to Sundown and volume must be kept to a reasonable level. Requests for major day-long events on Monday-Thursday must be approved by CAC.
  3. All requests are reviewed on an individual basis with consideration given to possible conflicting events (i.e. weddings in the Chapel, lectures in Kresge, events in the Student Center, etc.)
  4. If music levels are deemed too loud during your event, CAC will ask the organizers to lower the volume. CAC will shut down the event if the volume remains at unreasonable levels.
  5. Music will also be allowed at the Stata Center Dertouzos Amphitheater when done in conjunction with a properly scheduled event approved and supported by CAC. Hours will be limited and must be reviewed as part of normal event planning procedures.