Event Regulations

Police at MIT

The Police at MIT Department (W20-020B, W89, 253-9754 or 253-6875, mitpd-details@mit.edu) reviews events for security requirements and offers its services for event security.

The process for arranging police details begins with completing an Event Registration Form available in the Student Activities Office (W20-500, 253-6777), Campus Activities Complex (W20-500, 253-3913), or MIT Events and Information Center (7-121, 253-4795). Requests for police details must be made at least five (5) working days in advance. It is highly recommended to start the process a month before your event date. The group sponsoring the event is responsible for the cost of any police details. The fees vary, but a rate scale is available from the detail sergeant, and payment may be made by check or departmental account number. In the case of ASA recognized student groups, the Police will submit the names of groups owing money to the SAO, who will transfer the appropriate funds to the Police. Check with SAO for more information (funds@mit.edu).

The Police at MIT Department will determine all cases where police details are required. Police details are usually required for events when alcohol is served, when cash is collected, where live bands are playing and in cases where attendance is expected to exceed 100 people. When safety and security concerns are evident, police details may also be required. A police detail is mandatory whenever an event requires or is permitted use of metal detectors.

A police detail involves a police officer(s) who will be present for the duration of the event and will support the event group by monitoring the cash box and exchange of monies as well as being available to help if additional security problems arise. Event organizers should always introduce themselves to the police detail before the event begins.