Running the Event


Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, event planners have responsibility for providing access and support to participants or guests who have special needs. Note that some MIT facilities are not fully accessible to persons with disabilities. Review these issues with the office through which you are reserving space. They will assist you with issues such as identifying paths of travel and seating arrangements, nearest accessible restrooms, and special support services which might be required. These offices will also direct you to resources on campus who can assist you in providing these special services. For more information contact the Disability Services Office (7-145, 253-1674). In compliance with the American with Disabilities Act and Massachusetts State Law, the sponsors will make reasonable accommodations to ensure program access. The following statement is an example of what should appear on all program announcement materials:

"For sign language interpretation, assistive listening devices, and disability assistance, please contact the following with at least 72 hours advance notice: (Name of person or organization planning event with telephone and email for person or organization named above)."