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Campus Services & Maintenance

Campus Services & Maintenance is the backbone of the physical plant, supporting MITís systems and buildings with a range of services that includes preventive maintenance, routine and emergency repairs, and in-house engineering..

Area Managers

Each Area Manager oversees a specific group of buildings on campus and is available to assist facilities managers with services in those buildings. To identify the manager for a campus building, view the Area Manager map.

Campus Services

Anchored by the Customer Service Center, the Campus Services group provides on-campus custodial and cleaning services, grounds services, services for and management of MIT department vehicles, mail services, and management of recycling and materials. This group also encompasses the team that develops and manages MIT’s commuter services and transportation policies. Learn more about requesting services from these teams.

Off-site Facilities

The Off-site Facilities team is responsible for supporting the off-campus sites where MIT conducts research and educational activities, ensuring that all systems are operating efficiently and reliably.

Repair & Maintenance

The Repair & Maintenance (R&M) group is responsible for the 24/7 preventive, corrective, and reactive maintenance that keeps the buildings and mechanical and structural systems on campus operating efficiently and reliably. Learn more about requesting repair or maintenance services.

Repair & Maintenance Operations

The Repair & Maintenance Operations groupís responsibilities include running MITís Operations Center, managing its stockroom of tools and parts, and implementing quality assurance/quality control processes.

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Campus Services & Maintenance


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