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Facilities Customer Contacts Form

In an effort to maintain high-quality communications with our customers, we ask that Department Reviewers provide updated contact information for those who need to receive building-related notifications.

customer contacts form

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Contact Types


General contacts receive email notifications regarding Facilities-related activities, such as campus emergencies, scheduled shutdowns, construction updates, window washing announcements, etc. An unlimited number of individuals from a department can receive general notices, but only one person should be responsible for passing on Facilities information to their department personnel.

Shutdown (primary and alternate)

Shutdown contacts receive shutdown requests and notifications regarding Facilities-related utility or equipment shutdowns that may impact the occupants or department equipment in the areas affected by the shutdown. There are three categories of shutdowns:

  • Routine: Scheduled with a minimum 5 days notification and require a response from the primary contact.
  • Critical: System/equipment is in eminent danger of failing. Scheduled with less than 5 days notification and require a response from the primary contact.
  • Emergency: System/equipment has already failed.

There should be one primary and at least one alternate shutdown contact per department. The primary contact is responsible for responding to and approving the shutdown requests as well as communicating with their department personnel about the shutdown. The department contact needs to keep in mind all of their department areas throughout campus. The alternate contact needs to respond only when the primary contact is unavailable to respond.

Emergency Off Hours

There are sometimes notifications for emergencies that happen outside of the 9AM - 5PM business day. Off-hour emergency notifications are calls made on the telephone to department personnel during the off hours (Monday through Friday 5PM - 8AM and weekends) regarding building-related emergencies. The contacts for this category must provide their home telephone and/or cell phone numbers so that we may reach them. This is essential especially for groups who have critical research or computer systems. Off-hour emergencies may include floods or extended power outages.

We ask for not more than two Off-Hour Emergency contacts per department because the resources to make these off-hours calls are limited.

The contacts for off-hour emergencies are responsible for determining if their department personnel need to respond to the campus based on the emergency and areas affected.  The contacts are also responsible for communicating with their department personnel about the emergency.

Department Reviewer

Each department will have one designated Department Reviewer who is responsible for providing updated contact information to the Department of Facilities Customer Service Center. Although the Customer Service Center will send an email reminder to Department Reviewers each year, Department Reviewers should use this form to make updates as they occur.

Parking Coordinator

Each department has a Parking Coordinator who is responsible for coordinating the distribution of parking permits. At the start of the “parking year” he or she will create a list of all the people who want to sign up for parking. Parking Coordinators are responsible for preparing employees’ parking applications.

Key Authorizer

Key Authorizers are the representatives from the various departments, labs and centers (DLC) who have the authority to place orders for keys. A master key authorizer is able to order master keys.

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Customer Service Center

Office Hours: Mon-Fri, 7 AM-4:30 PM
Key Distribution Hours: M - F, 8AM - 4PM
Phone: 617-253-4948
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