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Department Parking Coordinators Assist Employees

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Department Name Department ID Parking Coordinator
Abdul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab 091020 Nemergut, Kara
Academic Media Production Services 271100 Flood, Joanne
Academic Services, Office of 441400 Demers, Heidi
Administrative Services: Chem E/DMSE 066200 Boisset-Dell'Elce, Leslie
Admissions Office 446100 Jones, Edmund
Advanced Educational Services, Center for 405100 Westlund, Mary (Meg)
Aeronautics and Astronautics 061000 Zotos, Elizabeth
Aerospace Studies 187100 Woods, Joyce Camille
Alumni Association 871000 Balkissoon, Nicole
Anthropology Program 093200 Hartford, Irene
Archaeology 10000327
Chung, Terese
Architecture, Dept of 031000 Hersh, Lisa
Architecture, School of 030000/ Doucette, Dineen
Art, Culture, and Technology, Program in 038000 Cunningham, Marion
Arts, Office of the 401813 Brown, Gabriella
Audio Visual Services 874100 Finnegan, Vachiraphorn Lee
Audit Division 423000 Killough-Sherman, Margaret

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Biological Engineering, Dept of 069200 Files, Mary
Biology, Dept of 151000 Chaput, Francine
Biomedical Engineering, Center for 166000 Boisset-Dell'Elce, Leslie
Biomedical Innovation, Center for 430000 Wijtmans, Rinske
Biotechnology Process Engineering Center 068800 Darling, Daniel
Brain & Cognitive Sciences, Dept of 154500 Gale, Julianne
Budget, Finance and Treasury 427000 Clinton, Suzette

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Cambridge-MIT Institute 400900 O'Neil, Alexandra
Campus Activities Complex 405500 Donaghey, Aaron
Card Office 862000 Lee, Shueh-Lin
Chairman of the Corporation 400000 McNamara, Ann
Chancellor's Office 401500 Brown, Gabriella
Chemical Engineering, Dept of 062000 Boisset-Dell'Elce, Leslie
Chemistry 152000 Harris, Michele
Civil and Environmental Engineering 063000 Fowler, Rebecca
Clinical Research Center 163000 Keeth, Dana
Collective Intelligence, Center for 121920 Stewart, Stephanie
Computer Sci & Artificial Intelligence Lab 067900 MacIver, Joanna
Comparative Medicine, Division of 402100 Brown, Bruce
Comparative Media Studies / Writing 093800 Smith, Sarah
Computational & Systems Bio Initiative 418000 Chaput, Francine
Concourse 069600 Butters, Cheryl
Consortium on Financing Higher Education 401200 Bourelle, Isabel
Controller and Accounting Services 422900 Clinton, Suzette
Copy Technology Centers 874200 Milligan, June
Corporate Development 410010 Balkissoon, Nicole
Corporate Relations/Indust Liaison Prog 413000 Balkissoon, Nicole
Credit Union 872000 Lopez, Afiya

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DAPER Administration 501100 Hoppe, Kathleen
DAPER Community Programs 501400 Hoppe, Kathleen
DAPER Facilities 501500 Hoppe, Kathleen
DAPER Intercollegiate Sports 501000 Hoppe, Kathleen
DAPER Physical Education 501200 Hoppe, Kathleen
DAPER Recreation 501300 Hoppe, Kathleen
Deshpande Center for Technological Innov 061200 Sandler, Leon
Design Laboratory 030010 Doucette, Dineen
Development Services—Resource Development 410060 Balkissoon, Nicole
Dining 801000 Patton, Linda
Document Services 271050 Smith, Mike
DUE Desktop Support 441900 Primo, Y-Chie

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Earth, Atmospheric & Planetary Sciences, Dept of 153000 Milardo, Brandon
Economics, Dept of 091000 Nemergut, Kara
Edgerton Center 440100 Perdichizzi, Juliet
Education Computing Initiatives, Center for 405140 Westlund, Mary (Meg)
Educational Council 446300 Jones, Edmund
Educational Innovation and Technology 447100 Kelly, Nancy
Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Dept of 064000 Tilden, William
Electromagnetic and Electronic Systems, Lab for 069300 DesGroseilliers, Gary
Endicott House 872500 Pinksten, Sharon
Engineering, School of 060000 Ng-Ghavidel, Eileen
Engineering-UPOP, School of 060900 Jones, Jessica
Enterprise Services 406200 McDonald, John
Environment, Health & Safety Office 392000 Morrison, Nadia
Environmental Health Sciences, Center for 165000 Tat, Amanda
Executive Vice President and Treasurer 404500 Pinksten, Sharon
Experimental Study Group 159000 Ramsay, Graham

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Facilities, Dept of 591000 Donaghey, R. Larry
Faculty Support, Office of 445000 Fernandes, Patricia
Finance, Office of 428000 Clinton, Suzette
Financial Systems Services 421200 Mahoney, Margaret
Francis Bitter Magnet Laboratory 265000 Haggerty, Jillian

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General Counsel, Office of the 405700 Boisvert, Kathleen
Graduate Education, Office of the Dean for 402200 Cuevas, Idalia
Global Ed and Career Development Center 446600 Cottrell, Camille
Global Studies and Languages 093300 McLellan, Kevin
Gordon Engineering Leadership Program 061350 Shea, Amy
Gray House 497400 Pinksten, Sharon

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Harvard/MIT Division of HST 061901 Engel, Barbara
Haystack Observatory 401710 Davis, Susan
History Section 093400 Collett, Margo
Housing 861000 Boisvert, Kathleen
Human Resources 409000 Carmichael, Michelle
Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences,
Dean of
442300 Rollins, Elizabeth
Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences, School of 090000 Rollins, Elizabeth

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Industrial Performance Center 060300 Parkin, Olga
Information and Decision Systems, Lab for 068700 Wright, Deborah
Information Services & Technology 242800 Mahoney, Margaret
Information Services & Technology—Headquarters 404400 Mahoney, Margaret
Information Systems Research, Center for 121930 Foglia, Christine
Institute for Data, Systems, and Society 10000333
Richardson, Bo
Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies 417000 McDaniels, Marlisha
Institute Professors 010000 Brown, Gabriella
Intellectual Property Counsel 416000 Placido, Charlene
International Studies, Center for 097500 Johnson-Houlihan, Casey

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Kavli Institute for Astrophysics and Space Research 159600 Boughan, Joan
Koch Institute of Integrative Cancer Research 159700 Clewley, Terry

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Leaders for Global Operations Program 170000 Perera, Lesley
Leadership Giving, Office of 410095 Balkissoon, Nicole
Legatum Center for Dev Entrepreneurship 030020 Doucette, Dineen
Lemelson/MIT Program 061100 Barr, Michelle
Libraries 271000 Smith, Michael
Lincoln Laboratory 310000 Lawless, Mary
Linguistics & Philosophy 094000 Sikorski, Matthew
List Visual Arts Center 401812 Pine, Barbra
Literature Section 093600 Graham, Jamie

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Management, Sloan School of 10000378
Rowland, Molly
Manufacturing and Productivity, Lab for 069700 Mohindra, Karuna
Masdar Institute 401801 Arsenault, Paul
Materials Processing Center 069800 Page, Frances
Materials Science and Engineering, Dept of 066000 Boisset-Dell'Elce, Leslie
Materials Science and Engineering, Cntr for 246000 Dalton, Susan
Mathematics 154000 Pelletier, Anthony Paul
McGovern Institute for Brain Research 400600 Lutchen, Gayle
Mechanical Engineering 065000 McCarthy, Janice
Media Arts and Sciences 036000 Kelsey, Helene
Media Laboratory 039000 Breede, Lisa-Beth
Medical 495000 Dansby, Winifred
Microphotonics Center 069880 Page, Frances
Microsystems Technology Laboratories 060600 Hodges-Pabon, Deborah
Military Science 187500 Morin, Lisa
Minority Education, Office of 441100 Staton, Gail-Lenora
MIT Energy Initiative 320000 Connell, Patricia
MIT Investment Management Company 420000 Brown, Wendy
MIT Police 492900 Freeman, Judith
MIT Press 875000 Lewis, Melania
MIT Professional Education 061800 Romero, Matthew
MIT-Portugal Program 060500 Marrone, Frances
Museum 401811 Porter, Katherine
Music and Theater Arts Section 093700 Dennis, Jessica

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Naval Science 187800 Prior, Cheryl
Nuclear Reactor Laboratory 264000 Young, Mary
Nuclear Science, Lab for 159900 Luc, Elsye
Nuclear Science and Engineering, Dept of 068000 Iappini, Nancy

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OpenCourseWare 406300 Choulte, Isadora
Operations Research Center 247000 Mosley, Paulette

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Parking and Transportation Office 405900 Cruz, Robynn
Philanthropic Partnerships 410075 Balkissoon, Nicole
Physics, Dept of 158000 Metternich, Vicky
Picower Institute for Learning and Memory 159300 Murray, Kelly
Plasma Science and Fusion Center 243000 Tench-Mora, Marcia
Political Science 095500 Clements, Pamela
President, Office of the 401000 McNamara, Ann
Project I-Campus 068400 Bisbee, Rebecca
Property Office 406800 Clinton, Suzette
Provost, Office of the 401800 Brown, Gabriella
Public Service Center 441320 Currie, Jennifer

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Real Estate, Center for 033000 Gillespie, Cheryl
Registrar's Office 446700 Ward, Martha
Religious Life 442020 English, Christina
Research Laboratory of Electronics 267000 Dargus, Laura Jean
Residential Life Programs 441325 Kastorf, Joshua

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Sea Grant College Program 266300 Downes, Timothy
Science, Dean of 442500 Hanson, Garrett
Science, School of 150000 Murray, Kelly
Science, Technology and Society, Program in 097000 Pinkney, Paree
Singapore-MIT Alliance 068200 Desforge, John
Skolkovo 10004209
Ernst, Deliana
Sociotechnical Systems Research Center 069400 Wijtmans, Rinske
Spectroscopy Laboratory 159500 Fosher, Karen
Sponsored Programs, Office of 391000 Nelson, Lynda
Student Citizenship, Office of 441800 Green, Sarah
Student Financial Services 449000 Jones, Sonia
Student Life, Dean for 442000 Estabrooks, Alicja
Student Life-Administration, Dean for 442040 Estabrooks, Alicja
Student Life-Dept Heads, Dean for 442010 Estabrooks, Alicja
Student Life Programs 441300 Kastorf, Joshua
Student Services Information Technology 446200 Mahoney, Margaret
Student Support Services 441200 Sanders, Cynthia
Study Abroad 446610 Demers, Heidi
System Design and Management 060800 Perera, Lesley

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Teaching & Learning Laboratory 441700 Nocivelli, Daniel
Technology and Policy Program 069900 Marrone, Frances
Technology Development Program 321000 Vargas, Patricia
Technology Licensing Office 404000 Mack, Marlene
Technology Review 876000 Snyder, Leila
Terrascope 060085 Aczel, Debra
Transportation and Logistics, Center for 069500 Greimann, Eric

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Undergraduate Advising & Academic Prog, Office of 444000 Isaac, Shellyann
Undergraduate Education, Dean for 441000 Primo, Y-Chie
Urban Studies & Planning, Dept of 035000 Marchese, Janine

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VP for Finance, Office of the 407000 Clinton, Suzette
VP for Human Resources 409100 Carmichael, Michelle
VP for Institute Affairs, Office of the 490000 McNamara, Ann
VP for Research 404002 Mack, Marlene
VP for Resource Development 410000 Balkissoon, Nicole

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Whitaker College of Health Sci & Tech 160000 Engel, Barbara
Women's and Gender Studies, Program in 090010 Neill, Emily

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 Your Commuting Benefits (Atlas)
 Parking Rates for 2012-2013 (pdf)


Department Directory

Parking & Transportation Office

Hours: Mon-Fri, 8:30 AM-4:30 PM
Building: W20-022
Fax: 617-258-6357

parking services

Tel: 617-258-6510

t-pass services

Tel: 617-253-9701

other commuter connections


Larry Brutti
Operations Manager

Robynn Cruz-Walker
Commuter Program Administrator

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