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Hop a Shuttle and Reduce Travel Time


SafeRide extends fixed-route services during One Sustainable World

During One Sustainable World, May 12, we will extend service beyond 11 PM for two fixed-route Saferide Shuttles the Boston East and Cambridge West/Brookline routes. The regular SafeRide schedule will resume on May 13.

Fixed-route mode during One Sustainable World (May 12)
Shuttles circulate to assigned stops on a predetermined schedule

See all late night shuttle options.

Tech Shuttle adds 3 morning route stops

On Monday, May 7, the Tech Shuttle is scheduled to begin a new morning route incorporating the changes made along Wadsworth Street for the Kendall Square project. The hours of this adjusted route are from 6:15 am through 2:30 pm, Monday - Friday. From 2:35 pm through 7:10 pm, the shuttle will return to its current route and schedule.

Tech shuttle morning route 6:15AM-2:30PM
The Tech shuttle will introduce two new stops, and relocate one existing stop, giving broader access to the Kendall Square area.

  • The Tech shuttle will turn right from Vassar Street and continue along Main Street to drop off and pick up at the Kendall Square MBTA stop.
  • The shuttle will then continue to Memorial Drive, turn right onto Wadsworth Street, and drop off at the corner of Wadsworth and Amherst Streets.
  • The shuttle will stop at the intersection of Amherst and Carleton Streets, allowing better access to the MIT Medical Center. This is a relocation of the Media Lab stop at the corner of Amherst and Ames Streets.

Tech shuttle afternoon route 2:35PM-7:10PM
The Tech Shuttle will return to its existing route and schedule beginning at 2:35PM daily.

See the new schedule and map.

A variety of shuttle services are available to safely transport members of the MIT community to, from, and around the MIT campus.

Daytime weekday shuttle services

  • The TECH Shuttle operated by the Parking and Transportation Office and free with MIT ID, provides a safe means of transportation around the Cambridge campus from 6:15 AM 7:10 PM weekdays.
  • Daytime Boston Shuttle runs from 8:00 AM to 5:55 PM weekdays during the school year, traveling from Massachusetts Avenue on the Cambridge campus to Commonwealth Avenue in Boston; operated by the Parking and Transportation Office and free with MIT ID.
  • EZRide free with MIT ID, offering morning and evening routes around the Cambridge campus and to North Station via Lechmere, as well as midday routes on the Cambridge campus.

Evening SafeRide shuttle services

  • SafeRide provides a safe means of transportation at night within and around the MIT campus and runs seven days a week, operating from 6:00 PM 2:30 AM Sunday through Wednesday and 6:00 PM 3:30 AM Thursday through Saturday. Free with MIT ID.

Specialty shuttles

  • Airport Shuttle available by reservation for a fee, the airport shuttle is operated by the Parking and Transportation Office and provides service to Logan Airport just prior to the Thanksgiving, Winter, and Spring breaks.
  • The Grocery and Weekend Shuttles free with MIT ID
  • The Lincoln Lab Shuttle free with MIT ID, provides service between the MIT Cambridge campus and Lincoln Lab
  • The Wellesley College Shuttle operates weekdays and is free for students with MIT ID; staff and faculty must purchase tickets at the Parking and Transportation Office
  • M2 Shuttle tickets for sale at the Parking and Transportation Office

General MIT Shuttle Rules:

  • Be seated as soon as possible.
  • Federal regulations require all passengers to be behind the white line before the bus may depart.
  • Do not smoke in the bus.
  • Do not walk in front of the bus after exiting.
  • Do not push people when you enter or exit the bus.
  • Do not impede the driver from closing the doors of the bus, at any time or for any reason.

Note: Drivers will enforce all regulations. Service will be refused to anyone who does not comply with regulations or whose behavior is disruptive or hazardous to passenger and vehicle safety.

 Tech Shuttle on Amherst Street
 Lincoln Lab Shuttle
 M2 Shuttle
 Mobile Shuttle Schedule
 NextBus (Real-time Shuttle Tracker)
 Wellesley College Shuttle


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