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Parking at MIT

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MIT has launched the first stage of a new parking program that simplifies the parking experience, enables the majority of MIT commuters to take advantage of our daily rate system, and integrates new technologies such as License Plate Recognition (LPR). You will no longer need a physical sticker for your car, and your parking account will renew automatically after September 2018. Read more about the 2018 parking changes.

The new parking program is one component of Access MIT, which encourages sustainable transit by providing benefits-eligible MIT commuters with more options and greater flexibility. Switch it up by ditching the car when you can! Drive today, take the subway or bus tomorrow, and walk when the weather is nice. To apply for subsidy and reimbursement incentive programs, visit your Commuting Benefits page on Atlas.

If driving is your only commuting option, we’re here to help. On this site, you’ll find information about parking accounts, parking locations, amenities, and regulations. If you have questions that are not answered by our FAQ sections, simply contact the Parking & Transportation Office.

Please note: Commuter parking is regulated by the Clean Air Act of 1973, which restricts MIT to providing parking for no more than 36% of its commuting population. All people with MIT appointments are eligible, but not entitled, to receive a parking permit for an MIT parking facility, regardless of whether they work full-time or part-time.

 Your Commuting Benefits (Atlas)
 Current Boston traffic
 Parking Rates
 Parking Coordinators Meeting 2018 (pdf)


Department Directory

Parking & Transportation Office

Hours: M - F, 8AM - 5PM
Building: E17-106
Fax: 617-258-6357

parking services

Tel: 617-258-6510

t-pass services

Tel: 617-253-9701

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Tom Giannino

Robynn Cruz-Walker
Commuter Program Administrator

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